The Habits of Heroes
12 Practices for the Greater Good

Our Purpose: Practicing Goodness for a Greater Good.
Our Mission: To serve as a leadership and community cultivation program that makes people better. By teaching ways to improve each person’s ability to connect in of all their relationships, The Habits of Heroes enables individuals to be great through good practices and do great things for a Greater Good.
Our Process:
 Teach to Learn. We believe that people learn best from what they teach. By Paying It Forward, Mentors are trained to guide Hero mentees toward being good for doing great. Heroes then pass the lesson on to their mentees – and those mentees, to their mentees.

Our focus areas:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Police Officers
  • Transitioning Veterans
  • Health Care Providers
  • High School and Junior High Students
  • Single Working Parents
  • Formerly Incarcerated
  • And for… all groups who mentor and challenge their people to be great.


Our 12 Part program and process may be right for you when your organization endorses the value of making people better by:

Improving the ability to connect in all relationships.

The Habits of Heroes program was truly life-changing. Obvious yet illusive, The 12 Practices require deep thought and great conversation! There was no greater honor for me than leading my team through this program over the last year though I was intimidated at first about leading a group. EVERY Practice became meaningful and impactful in my home life and professional career. What a tremendous joy this has been.
— Greg Landers, SEM, Cisco


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