The Habits of Heroes... a process for training leaders how to be mentors for contributing to the legacy of The Greater Good.

As the era of the Age of Information matures, the need for wisdom becomes even more apparent. The 12 Practices of the Mentor is a vehicle for tapping wisdom through the congruence of the three primary brains, creating holistic marketplaces through kindness, love and humility which guides participants through their busy lives while simultaneously remaining centered, mindful and purposeful. 

Habits of Heroes is right for you if your organization has realized the value of your cultural capital and is ready to begin a formalized training process for mentoring your upcoming leadership for continuing the commitment to your vision.

Equally true for the non-profit arena, societal segments such as Transitioning Veterans, Young African-American Fathers, Single Working Parents, Heath-care providers and healers, Middle School boys and girls, and graduating College Seniors without direction and purpose all benefit from the sustained guidance of a mentor.

The Habits of Heroes program was truly life-changing. Obvious yet illusive, The 12 Practices require deep thought and great conversation! There was no greater honor for me than leading my team through this program over the last year though I was intimidated at first about leading a group. EVERY Practice became meaningful and impactful in my home life and professional career. What a tremendous joy this has been.
— Greg Landers, SEM, Cisco


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